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    Artist and teacher, Jack Dickson lives and works in Dorset. Having roots in both Zambia and the UK allows him to draw upon a wide range of cultural and aesthetic influences.


    He uses a variety of media in his work including digital imagery, photography, printed textiles, painting and drawing. Often combining the figurative with the more abstract and expressive his work explores the fertile areas where different disciplines crossover.  At the core of his practice is drawing and observing the world around him. More recent work has focussed on portraiture and he continues to explore this genre, developing a new body of work.

    If you are interested in a collaboration or commissioning a portrait then please use the contact form on this site or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

    Some of Jack's work is for sale, prints are also available and he regularly takes commissions. If you are interested please use the contact form below or click here to find out more.

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